Client Testimonials

Working with Lynn has been so nourishing on all levels–physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  My only regret is that I didn’t find her many years sooner–I have worked with many other health practitioners. Lynn is professional, knowledgeable, present,  fun, unpretentious, and highly intuitive in offering guidance. Working with her for just a short time helped me to find the key to resolving a decades long problem.” – Paula Stiefel

“Lynn is beyond intuitive and has a wonderful way of supporting you when faced with struggle. She is incredibly insightful in pinpointing the root of a problem and offers out of the box options for soulful solutions. She helps you turn the lens inward to really understand yourself on a deeper level. Like a soft gentle guiding light that always has your best intensions at heart.” – Lindsay Davis

“Lynn is an amazing woman & healer. Her knowledge is encyclopaedic! She can help you to get to the root cause of a problem, & offers numerous options that you can bring in to play to aid your self healing. She uses a combination of nutritional & endocrinology knowledge with a deep understanding of traditional Chinese medicine. She is also passionate about growing her own vegetables & fruit, and as a Home Schooler of 7 she knows what it is to be busy!” – Alison Grimston

“The tools and directions that Lynn offered us were of great help and revealing to delve deeper into my cleansing. Deeper in finding out who Laure is, what she wants, and when & how she dreams to perform her dreams. Lynn offers such warm, compassionate support with guidance  that suits each one of us individually.” – Laure Olender
“I know Lynn to be one of the most caring, light-filled, and knowledgeable people I have ever come to know. Whenever I have faced challenges, she has been there with her heart-felt wisdom that reaches out and supports on all levels — the emotional, the physical, and even the spiritual. I have so much gratitude for the nurturing way she supports those in her midst.” – Stacey Terry
“Lynn is such a gem! The kindest person I know, bursting with knowledge, ready to share it.” – Mia Schleifer