Putting this website, and my business, together has been very much like conceiving, pregnancy, and birthing a baby. Some parts were longer, others definitely did not take as long.

The conception for this business began when my husband, Mark, decided to go back to nursing school. We soon realized that he would not be able to work and attend school at the same time, especially since he graduated in 1975, and it was now 2009. Studying was something that was going to take more time than either one of us realized. I also knew I didn’t want to go back full-time into the work force since I had four children still at home that I home schooled. I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but I needed to focus the lens for more details. So I did what any other sane and crazy person would do – I did a Google search.

Through my searching, I found a website where a person was doing exactly what I envisioned myself doing. For as long as my adult self can remember, I have been the go-to person when people had health concerns. My children were born at home, I have always tried to have healthy meals for my family, herbs and essential oils were what I would use for healing methods more than prescription drugs. When I found this person, I instantly knew this is what I wanted to do. So, again, I did what any other sane and crazy person would do. I called her up.

Sheree Clark had just finished attending The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and she highly recommended it. Rather than thinking of all the reasons I shouldn’t tackle another project, I grabbed the brass ring and signed on. Throughout the program, I learned many valuable lessons and heard from many educated teachers. By the end of the year-long program, I knew the pregnancy was in full swing.

This pregnancy has been more than nine months long. It has had it’s share of morning sickness and nausea, growing pains and stretch marks. I would also dare to say I have probably had many mood swings throughout this time. But like any child after it has been born, you forget all that.

Today, I introduce you to my child – Feeding Your Health. I hope you find it as beautiful as I do.