How do you spend your day?

How do you spend your day?

You wake up in the morning, and the moment your feet touch the ground, you’re off.

And you don’t slow down until your feet land back in your bed that night.

What did you do during your day?  Does it truly reflect who you are?  Are the actions in your day what you say you want for your life with your lips?

Would you just like someone to come in and show you the day of your dreams and how to put that into action?

You can. This can really happen.

Here’s the truth –  Your calendar reflects what you do, and what you do ultimately reflects  who you are and who you become.  Does yours?

Let me share a story with you.

One of my clients is part of a program where she has lots of deadlines, with things to do each week.  She was feeling totally overwhelmed with how to accomplish all of this in ADDITION to all of her daily responsibilities as a wife and mother and employee!

Here’s what we did.  We worked on creating a customized process to help her feel that sense of balance and peace of mind.

She had been feeling overloaded with information and all the things that she thought she should do.  So we wrote them all down.We saw that she would need to balance what she perceived as things she needed to do, with what truly reflected what she wanted with her life.

Then we balanced out what she could do each day, then directed some of the things she could do each week.  We also looked at ways she could delegate.

Part of this process is to be clear with yourself on those things that are necessary for who you are.  Sometimes we do things because we think we should.

You can stop shoulding on yourself now.  It’s OK to do what you feel is right for you.

If you would like to start this process, here is an outline for what you can do:

  • Write down everything you want to do.  This is a complete brain dump.  Put the most outrageous things you ever thought of doing.  This can be anything from the outrageous – like climbing Mt. Everest and going back to school – to those things you think about while driving to work, such as drinking more water.
  • Once you’ve done that, separate them into a timeline list  – daily, weekly, monthly, end of the year, and 5 years.
  • From there, you can start to create a day that reflects what you want with your life.
  • And remember, this is your day and your time.  You can change it whenever you want.  As you try out what you think you want, you can decide that this isn’t a good fit right now.

I did a masterclass where I shared the MISFITS system.  The final S is for Structure.  Using the information from your strategy – the first S – along with your intuition and flow – the second I and the F – helps you to be your most focused and productive self.  This affects your daily life – calendar.

All of the parts of the MISFITS system – Mindfulness, Intention, Strategy, Flow, Intuition, Team, and Structure – are a part of my Flow into Life Mastermind.  It’s structured to help you stay focused so that together we can create a strategy and structure to help you move forward in flow.  That’s the idea for the Team.

I’m here to support you and be there when you feel you need that accountability.  When you fill out the application to be a part of this mastermind, you are taking the first step towards this path that will help you to see the flow in your days – and that they can truly be yours.

Share with us in the comments below what your feelings are about seeing how you can have your days can truly represent who you are.  Or come visit us on the Facebook group and tell us what you would like to see in your day.

I am here if you would like more help and guidance with this.  Feel free to schedule a short visit with me and we can talk.