juices and smoothiesI think it’s safe to say that summer is really here.  For a while there I wasn’t sure.  But gardens are in and the produce is starting to become available.  Breathe with a warm sigh of relief.

To unify with summer, we need to express the principles that express it – expansion, growth, lightness, outward activity, brightness, and creativity.  I have some suggestions for lifestyle and diet that will reflect this principle.

Summer is a period of luxurious growth.  To be in harmony with the atmosphere of summer, awaken early in the morning and reach to the sun for nourishment to flourish as the gardens do.  Work, play, travel, be joyful, and grow into selfless service.  The bounty of the outside world enters and enlivens us.

What’s better for a hot summer day than a healthy juice or smoothie.  Use plenty of brightly colored summer fruits and vegetables, and enjoy creating beautiful refreshments.  Make a dazzling display with the colors of the food, even sit down at your table set with a beautiful floral arrangement to truly enjoy your nourishing drink.

I started July with a commitment to at least one juice or smoothie each day.  Summer offers abundant variety, and our diet should reflect it.  Minerals and oils are sweated out of the body, and their loss can cause weakness if they are not replaced by a varied diet.   A smoothie or juice challenge is a fun way to make sure that we are taking in the cooling fresh foods we need to help our body create a cool atmosphere.  It’s also quick and easy when we would rather be outside and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

After I started, I realized I wanted to share this idea with those around me.   Would you like to be involved in this and join me?  I’ve started with 31 days, but who knows how much longer we can take this.  You can have your juice or smoothie as a meal or a snack.  I’m not outlining any specific requirements for what you put in it.  All you need is a blender or juicer.   If you haven’t already, sign up for my newsletter and get the free download for my smoothie book for some recipes and resources, then watch for my announcement for my new juice and smoothie book.  Take photos along the way.  Share on social media, and tag me on Twitter @mlbcmazlc and Instagram @feedingyourhealth.  I’ll share your shots and recipes if you’d like.

Ready to get started?  Let me know if you have any questions, and check in with me along the way to say how you’re feeling.