This is a really busy time of year. While you juggle work, kids (and grandkids for some), the real question that comes up, though, is why are we feeling so overwhelmed? What has transpired and we’ve allowed to transpire in our life that has us in this feeling of overwhelm.

  1. Setting your expectations too high. They’re high and unrealistic. You see what other people are doing in their life and  think “Oh, I’m going to do that, too.” You see these lists, plans, and ideas, and you’re like, “Oh, yeah, I’m going to do that, too”, and then you try to fit your life into what may have worked for somebody else. You’re expectations are  right for that person right at that particular in time and place.


  1. Being a Perfectionist.

          Don’t set yourself up for failure by comparing.

As you consider your life, consider this  – perfectionist is not an adjective.  It’s a label, and it’s kind of a self-appointed label that we’ve created for ourselves, and then that puts pressure on us to live up to it. Again, look at your life and see. Is that the label? How do you want to see yourself when you look in the mirror and be happy with your life and have that kind of flow and ease?

  1.   Youtake on too much.

If you set this expectation of how you want your life to be – it’s going to perfect – so then you’re going to start doing all this stuff.  You take on too much, because you can’t say no. It’s good to have expectations that you can flow into, and it’s good to create them so that you’re happy with it.  To do that, you need to organize and prioritize what is best for you in your life.

Prioritize yourself first. Make sure you have plenty of time to take a really full breath.  First thing in the morning you have at least five minutes for yourself where you just take time to breathe, to feel yourself, to say this is my day, my life in connection with God that I am going to live this life. Prioritize your life so it has that ease and flow.

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