Remember the truth of who you are.

This is what it comes down to.

You desire to live a life fully you, so you spend your extra time with gathering all the nutritional and lifestyle advice you can, seeking that one thing that will make all the difference.

For a short pace of time, you try applying this new found information into your life.

But after a couple weeks of that, something happens in your life that derails you.

Maybe it’s a work project that asks for extra hours. Your kids’ activities are taking more of your time.

Or it could be that your own health has taken you down.

You know somewhere is the answer. But where do you find it?

That’s where I come in.

I am here to listen. I create that space for you that is all yours. Where you can say whatever you like. I am patient.

I’m also smart. So not only do you get someone to listen to you, but who will also ask you questions.

Through those questions, I help you analyze with curiosity the dark trails before you. Together we’ll be the explorers in your life, clearing a path and shining a light through it all.

Because remember, we’re on a journey to find the truth of who you are.

The first step on this trail is to find the keys to the map. You can do that by signing up for ‘3 Keys to Awaken Your True Self.’

Through these keys you will hear words to uplift and tools to apply to your life that will start you on your path of discovery.

I look forward to being your trail guide in this journey of discovery. I have many resources to use as together we investigate ways to support your body using traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, herbs and healing foods, movement, and so many other ways to nurture you.

You will also be supported as you build your emotional and spiritual immune system. So often you find yourself giving and giving until there is nothing left to give. I will give you a chair to sit at my table to rest and breathe.

Ready to awaken your true you?